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Getting ready for the Spurs return to San Antonio for Games 3 and 4

If you have a need for something unique, Bexar Goods Co. has you covered.

I have some traditions. I start the Spurs postseason with three things: (1) get myself a new piece of Spurs gear, (2) put out my Spurs flag, and (3) start the Spurs candle.

(1) I caught a Spurs shirt at the last home game. Technically it is my daughter’s, but she was nice enough to share it with me since it is too big for her at this point.

(2) The flag is out and looks awesome in the windy night.

(3) And the candle, which is really a tradition from my friend Renee (goodnight&GoSpursGo), is the most recent. I liked her dedication so much I joined in.

Ever since the Spurs started the 2014 postseason, I have acquired a brand new piece of Spurs gear every time they advance into the next series during each postseason. In that majestic 2014 run, some of my treasured items came from students. I proudly wore the same shirt every game after they knocked out the Dallas Mavericks in game 7 of the first round.

And as I mentioned in my “Confessions of a Prodigal Spurs Fan,” I boxed up all the 2014 artifacts (clothes, books, magazines, articles, and the 2014 replica Spurs ring) and stored the box for my daughter.

If you are need of some Spurs gear for the playoffs, SS&E have teamed up with Bexar Goods Co., an original leather specialty company, who have made some awesome original Spurs-themed pieces.

That’s how we roll at Casa Duarte. I still wear a Spurs shirt and my Spurs Converse on every game day. I usually go almost all Spurs as the post-season continues. There will be lots of people in and out of our house over the next three games. We’ll be watching and cheering them on. This house has a lot of Spurs energy and it will glow this week, and hopefully for many more nights this spring.

Do you have any Spurs traditions? Share with the Pounders in the comments below.

Spurs host Denver tonight on their home court!


[My band The Gunslingers is playing Friday (conveniently nestled between the Spurs two home games) at Sam’s Burger Joint. We’re opening for Monte Montgomery, who’s just released A Call To Arms. If you’re in town, you won’t want to miss this show.]

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