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The NBA reacts to Manu Ginobili’s jersey retirement

Just a handful of the reactions and highlights from Manu ‘s jersey retirement.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Nowadays, whenever there’s a big event, social media lights up. Last night was no different for Manu Ginobili’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony, so we capture as much as we could, from his former Spurs teammates, to video tributes and reactions from all around the NBA.


Unfortunately Tiago Splitter couldn’t be in San Antonio yesterday, but he was there in spirit.

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Congrats @manuginobili

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I miss this! #graciasmanu

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Around the NBA

Hey, look down there! It’s The Nephew! Did anyone notice he was not in any highlights, video tributes, or even mentioned once last night? Very fitting and appropriate. (And no, he’s not down here instead of under “teammates” out of spite; it’s because these NBPA videos feature multiple players from both the Spurs and across the league, so this is where they’re going.)

Best Moments/Highlights

The GIF that will forever live on in Spurs lore. Tony especially makes it priceless at the end.

In case anyone was wondering what was up with Timmy mispronouncing Manu’s name, he was imitating the night he was drafted:

And finally, no Manu Moment is complete without one more GINOBILI!!!!!! from Charles Barkley...or two.

I’m sure there is plenty more out there, but it is impossible to capture everything. Feel free to post more in the comments below!

Gracias Manu!