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The Spurs remember their favorite Manu Moments

Some of Manu’s teammates reflect on their favorite Manu Moments.

It’s almost that time. In ten days, the Spurs will be raising Manu Ginobili’s jersey to the rafters following their home match-up against the Cavaliers, and #20 will be etched in Spurs lore for all eternity (not that it wasn’t already). As that day draws nearer, the Spurs have been releasing a series of videos called “Manu Moments,” where his former teammates and coaches reflect on their favorite memories of Manu, whether it was on the court or just being around the person.

Here are the first six, and we’ll continue to post more as they come out.

Patty Mills

Boris Diaw

Tiago Splitter

Sean Marks

Steve Kerr

Brent Barry

There are more to come! If you can’t see the tweets you can click here to visit the archive on’s Gracias Manu page. (Note: Yes, two more Manu Moments were released last night, but we agreed six per post is enough, so they will be included in the next “Manu Moments” post.)