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LaMarcus Aldridge relishes his All-Star appearance as a throwback big man

He also had a surprise visitor at his press conference.

NBA: All Star-Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs big man LaMarcus Aldridge is in Charlotte participating in his seventh All-Star weekend and third as a Spur. In a near 30-minute interview during his press conference, he had plenty to say about playing for the Spurs and other topics. He talked about how he feels Gregg Popovich’s minutes management is extending his career:

“It’s definitely extended it because Pop (Gregg Popovich) believes in saving your body. We do a lot of things to try to prolong our career and just be fresh. I think over the years that adds up as far as playing longer minutes, being healthier and not being mentally burned out.”

On keeping himself relevant in today’s NBA that features more high-flying threes than post game, while also working hard on the more underappreciated side of his game: defense.

“I stay relevant by trying to stay dominant and staying efficient at what I am doing. If I am a post player and I am still playing well, still putting up big numbers, and the team I am on is still winning, to me, it keeps big men relevant.”

— — —

“I think that has been underseen or undervalued or not recognized my whole career,” Aldridge said of his defensive skills. “I’m not a defensive player-of-the-year-type person, but I do try to make a team better (defensively). I try to be at the rim. I try to talk to the guys and make it easier for them to navigate the pick and rolls and things like that.

“But I am not looking for accolades. As long as my teammates (appreciate me), I’m happy with it.”

There’s plenty more, but perhaps the best part was when his former Spurs teammate Danny Green, who has broadcasting aspirations once his playing career is over, crashed his press conference for a few questions of his own.

You can watch the entire thing below, and if you want to see Aldridge in action tonight tune into TNT at 7:00 PM CT. He’ll be coming off the bench for Team LeBron.