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Introducing LaMarcus Aldridge’s All-Star Emoji

The NBA has been doing this for the past three ASGs, and this season’s is seriously San Antonio.

LA representing SA in Charlotte

As many of us are looking forward with palpable relief to the All-Star break, it’s important to reflect on the efforts of our Spurs stalwarts. Though DeMar DeRozan has faded somewhat from a sizzling start and Derrick White continues to rehabilitate back in San Antonio, the Spurs have ridden the toughness and consistency of LaMarcus Aldridge for a second consecutive season to playoff contention.

Today, @NBAAllStar released its latest batch of emojis for Team LeBron and Team Giannis. Needless to say, seven-time All-Star Aldridge’s entry stands out for its elegant simplicity and sublime representation of ‘LA’ shouldering the responsibility of carrying the city . . . and his team.

[On first glance, it may look like the NBA merely turned the ‘U’ and the ‘R’ upside down and swapped out the spur between the two letters. If you recall, it was only two short years ago that a very curious looking ‘L-train’ emoji was produced by the NBA for LaMarcus. This year’s is superior in every way. If you’re going to have an All Stat Game emoji, this is the way to do it.