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Help PtR send local children to a Spurs game

We want to send as many kids involved with Spurs Youth Basketball League as possible to a March Spurs-Jazz game, and we need your help!

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s great to give, better to give to those in need, and particularly sweet when that gift is something special to you. In that spirit we at Pounding the Rock come to you with a request, a plea, and an opportunity, hoping to collectively share our passion for the Spurs with a group of deserving and largely underserved children from throughout South Texas.

The goal: to send as many children as possible with the Spurs Youth Basketball League to the Spurs’ March 22nd game against the Utah Jazz. If that’s enough for you, you can hop to the dedicated fundraising page now and donate.

Locals may be familiar with the SYBL or count themselves among the estimated 400,000 who have taken part in it as a player or coach through the years. Founded in 1989 by Gregg Popovich and Frank Martin and funded by Silver and Black Give Back, the SYBL remains a paragon for team-based initiatives of its kind. With involvement from players, coaches and a range of partners throughout Texas, it uses basketball as a vehicle to impact kids in primarily low income neighborhoods, promoting positive values and good decisions. Basketball is taught and played, to be sure, but, like many things associated with Pop and the Spurs, the lessons and relationships it establishes run far deeper. You can read more about the SYBL by visiting their page.

One priority when we set out to do this was to make sure that the gift of a night of Spurs basketball didn’t come with additional burdens on the parent or chaperone in the form of things like parking or food. We also looked to pick a game that didn’t keep the kids out too late, making this 6pm tipoff on Sunday one of the better options. The team has been extremely gracious in making all of the above happen.

Here’s what your contribution provides a three different value points:


  • 2 game tickets (1 SYBL kid and 1 chaperone)
  • 2 game tickets
  • 2 food vouchers (hot dog or nachos and soda)
  • Parking pass


  • 5 game tickets (4 SYBL kids and 1 chaperone)
  • 5 food vouchers
  • Parking pass


  • 10 game tickets (SYBL basketball team – SYBL team and a coach/chaperone)
  • 10 food vouchers
  • Parking passes
  • (Light House Recognition – Thank you)

Again, here’s the link where you can donate.

This is a first for us, but we’re certainly not the first site to attempt this — not even among SBNation blogs. In fact, it was the efforts of Denver Stiffs, Blazers Edge and Bright Side of the Sun that inspired us to try and make a similar impact here in San Antonio and, like those other respective communities, we know Pounders are capable of stepping up.

Because this is so important to us, you can expect to see more updates on it here at PtR in the months ahead. I’ll look to attend SYBL events myself and speak to participants and organizers as we highlight the importance of the campaign and the value you can bring to some worthy families. If you can’t contribute, we’d still greatly appreciate it if you could share this and future posts with people you know as we look to make this as successful as we know it can be.

Additionally, if you’re one of the many who took part in SYBL and want to share your experiences, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to DM me at @bouncepassos and let me know what impact SYBL’s had on your life.

Thank you, and Go Spurs Go.