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Autocorrect seems to have gotten the best of Lonnie Walker IV

In ... I’m — a small change can mean the completely opposite meaning.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

Autocorrect can be a a fickle thing, both a blessing and a curse. It can especially be a nuisance on Twitter, which does not allow editing after a tweet is posted, but typos or bad autocorrects usually aren’t a that big of a deal.

However, every now and then it can be so extreme that it completely flips the meaning of a message, which is what appeared to have happened to Spurs guard Lonnie Walker IV when one of the most common autocorrections — “in” to “I’m” — caused a bit of a flurry on Twitter:

“I’m due time.” This led many to naturally speculate that Walker was not-so-subtly demanding playing time after falling back behind Marco Belinelli in the rotation following a four-game stint of averaging 14 points in 23 minutes during the first half of December. If this was his message, it was one many agree with, but not something that usually comes from a Spur.

Eventually one Twitter user suggested that autocorrect had gotten the better of him, which he appeared to confirm.

Although Walker ultimately clarified that he did in fact mean “in due time”, the fact that it took him 18 hours suggests that his time on social media is erratic or, like everyone else, he agrees with what the initial tweet said.

Regardless, it’s good to know Walker remains confident in himself, and hopefully “due time” is right around the corner. Spurs fans are more than ready to see what he can do in a consistent role, and until he gets it, all we can do is speculate why he’s still on the bench.

Update: not long after writing this post, the same autocorrect got me while texting with J.R. Wilco, who found it too amusing. So there you have it: it can even happen to anyone!