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Rudy Gay offers his fashion critique of Spurs past and present

The best-dressed Spur gives his take on Pop, Tim and Lonnie’s style.

There’s little doubt that Rudy Gay is one of the best dressed Spurs. He’s never been afraid to show off his style and even has his own line of children’s clothes. most recently accepted a visit from fashion expert Brandon Williams and Tissot, who helped him pick out an outfit for game day.

However, the funny part is when he had to talk about the style of his fellow Spurs. Although he appeared to dodge the question of who the next best dressed Spur is behind him, he did give three-word critiques of Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, and Lonnie Walker IV.

We’re still getting to know Lonnie and his style, but “Rodeo Fundamental Swag” seems pretty spot of for Duncan (maybe minus the swag, but Rudy had to get a third word in there somehow). Maybe the Spurs aren’t the most fashion forward teams out there — especially now that the more suave, well-dressed players like Tony Parker and David Robinson are retired — but maybe as the new generation comes in, they’ll bring more fashion with them than The Rodeo Fundamental did (or Baggy Dad Jeans, as I would have described it).