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Spurs VP of Basketball Operations Brent Barry has a band

And they are really, really good.

Panic At The Costco
Jeph Duarte

We all have that co-worker. He’s good at his job, but he’s got this passion. There is obviously someplace he’d rather be. On the weekends, he turns into . . . a musician. And you all make your pilgrimage to his favorite haunt and politely think “don’t quit your day job.” For my co-workers I’m that guy.

But for Brent Barry, this is not the case.

First of all, I didn’t see any of his co-workers there. And a few that I informed weren’t even aware he was in a band.

But he is.

Panic! At The Costco is a San Antonio band featuring Brent Barry (vocals and guitar), Len Briley (vocals and guitar), WJ Robinson (drums), and Barrett Shipp (bass). Panic’s set offers a mix of covers, but do not write off Barry’s project solely as a cover band as their choice in song presentation leans toward the familiar but off-center. In particular, Barry’s vocals on The Cars’ “Drive” were on-point. Yet, for the average night of cover songs, that might not be the first, or even tenth Cars song, that would make a set list.

They recently played to a packed house at Sam’s Burger Joint as a support act for San Antonio darlings Buttercup. The connection between the two bands? Brent Barry appeared as the drummer/manager for Buttercup in their video for “Acting Through Music”. As well, the Spurs sharpshooter made a cameo in the video for “Majic,” the single from Demitasse, a side project featuring Erik Sanden and Joe Reyes.

Panic ! At The Costco does not play out as often as one might think, but gauging from the audience response, they should. With Barry serving as vice president of basketball operations for our San Antonio Spurs, the schedule can fill up throughout the season.

If you are in the San Antonio area and want to see Barry leave the ball behind and rip the guitar like a rockstar, check back periodically. After one show, I am personally hooked and will be dragging my local friends to the next show, whenever that may be.

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