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Pop is ready to play Derrick White and Dejounte Murray together

It’s just a matter of both getting healthy enough to overlap their minutes.

Prior to the Spurs 118-105 win over the Nets on Thursday, Gregg Popovich sat down with announcer Bill Land to discuss the play of the Spurs’ youngsters. He talked about how Dejounte Murray is learning to combine his skills with his vision on the court and Lonnie Walker IV’s willingness to be coached.

He praised Derrick White’s flexibility in accepting any role that is asked of him (while also admitting he has not been 100% healthy lately, which explains a lot), and basically called Jakob Poeltl a clone of some of his favorite centers over the years — such Malik Rose, Fabricio Oberto, and Tiago Splitter — who knew their roles, didn’t try to play outside themselves, and did their jobs well.

However, there is one line in there that probably popped out to a lot of people:

“We’d like to play (White) and Dejounte together a little bit more.”

It’s something Spurs fans have been clamoring for, but it sounds like that foot/toe injury White has been working through is what has kept them apart even as Murray’s minutes restrictions have been lifted. Hopefully once they are both healthy and can play heavy minutes, both Pop and Spurs fans will finally get to see what the duo can do together.