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Davis Middle School takes over the AT&T Centers

While the Spurs are away the Cougars will play.

Davis Middle School
Jeph Duarte

The AT&T Center. Home of the San Antonio Spurs. Imagine taking to the hardwood to play. Imagine being in middle school and taking to the court at the AT&T Center to take on your math teacher, your social studies teacher, even your basketball coach.

Well that is exactly what students from Davis Middle School in San Antonio did yesterday.

Davis is in San Antonio Independent School District and had received an “IR,” or improvement required back in 2018 putting the school in a position of being closed.

Principal Dixon, with the support of dedicated staff, had good reason to celebrate as they have created a new culture in the school and in one year, Davis was able to upgrade their TEA rating from improvement required in 2018 to meeting state standards with three distinctions the following year.

To honor the achievement, the Spurs Organization threw the monster of all parties. Davis Middle School took over the AT&T Center for the afternoon.

The principal took center court before the game to acknowledge the achievement, honor her team, and pump up her students with a daily mantra, “if you are in the sound of my voice, you belong here, we Love you and at Davis Middle School, all gardens grow!” The saying is a call and response involving the students, and they were resplendent in their role. Ms. Dixon’s pride was palpable and exhilarating.

The “Spurs,” or Davis student basketball players took on the “Cougars” which consisted of Davis staff members. They played four ten-minute quarters complete with national anthem, team introductions, in-stadium games during timeout sessions, halftime entertainment, The Coyote, the Spurs Hype Squad, referees, ushers, and the Spurs’ in-house PA announcer.

The entire game was called as any regular game could be expected with one exception- the arena sat only 650 students and staff. Every seat was the best seat in the house. And that place was rocking just as loud and proud as when it is sold out on a Saturday night.

Many of the students have never been to the AT&T Center for a game despite living less than a mile away. Davis is located in a predominantly economically disadvantaged area. For some, attending events such as these are not financially feasible.

That’s what made today so special. These teachers, students, and administrators have worked hard and the school was recognized for its progress. The Spurs Organization recognized them for their strength and diligence and rewarded these students with what, for some, is the most normal type of event.

As the students filtered out, smiles and joyous camaraderie filled the Center. It was quite an amazing scene to witness.

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