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Dejounte Murray promises fans the Spurs will improve soon

DJ tweets a reassuring message to fans.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Phoenix Suns Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to imagine the Spurs aren’t as frustrated with themselves as the fans are. They’ve acknowledged their issues, such as consistency, poor performance in the clutch, etc. However, they have yet to put those words into action on the court as every game is as inconsistent as the last. Dejounte Murray is ready to change that.

In a reassuring tweet to fans, he promised that the team will get going in the right direction sooner than later.

Hopefully soon means beginning Thursday night, when the Spurs host the Nets back at the AT&T Center. They’re running out of time to turn this season around, but a good place to start would be at home against a winning team.