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Heading to the Spurs season opener tonight

And getting in an hour earlier thanks to PtR’s ticket special.

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One Photos by D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight the Spurs take on the New York Knicks. And thanks to the PtR ticket special, we are arriving early, making our way to the lower seating to watch the players warm up. What a great idea it was to create this ticket enhancement, to be that close to the court and to see how some of my favorite players prepare for the evening. Gotta love the promotion specialist that came up with this idea.

In the past I have watched Tony Parker chat with Rudy Gobert, watched the Argentine consulate chant to Manu Ginobili, and seen Rudy Gay workout with Becky Hammon. There is a relaxed vibe the players and coaches have, there are even some playful moments.

When the doors open for the fans, we’ll make our way to our seats. By now I have learned there truly is no bad seat in the AT&T Center. And once the place fills up the energy is amazing. Watching as the arena goes from empty to packed is a sight unto itself.

And to cap off the night, after taking a shot from the free throw line, Kevin Fowler is performing in the Bud Light Courtyard. It truly makes an event of the experience. Sure, I go for the games. But, the extras make the night unique.

This season I have decided to try a different meal every time I go and eventually there will be a food review section in the Open Thread. If you’d like to participate, please hit me up. There is so many different choices, I doubt I can try them all.

This is it. The season officially starts in tonight. I’ve got my Spurs Converse on, my favorite Spurs tee, and my Spurs hoodie as the true season of autumn is upon us.

Handmade Spurs logo by the Contessa

Every game day I wear those Converse and a Spurs shirt. That’s my ritual. Do you have one? Do you have many? Has your game-day routine gotten more elaborate as the years pass? Please share your game-day thoughts and rituals in the comments.

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