After last night's win against Toronto. . .

. . . go back and read this November article from the Ringer:

The Spurs Have Lost What Made Them Special

It was laughable garbage when it dropped. But it's downright hilarious garbage now. My favorite passage:

Murray’s absence has exposed the underlying reason for the Spurs’ decline: They no longer develop young talent well. It’s hard to find quality players in the bottom half of the first round, but that used to be the secret sauce in San Antonio. They drafted Ginobili at no. 57 in 1999 and Parker at no. 28 overall in 2001. They traded George Hill, whom they drafted at no. 26 in 2008, for the rights to Leonard, the no. 15 pick in 2011. Other than Murray, though, their pipeline has dried up. Lonnie Walker IV, the no. 18 overall pick in this year’s draft, has been out all season with a torn meniscus, but it would have been hard to expect much from a 19-year-old in his rookie season, regardless. Their only starter who came up through their organization is shooting specialist Bryn Forbes, an undrafted free agent out of Michigan State.

Last night, Derrick White scored 19 points on 8/11 shooting. He hit 2/3 3PT and handed out 4 assists. He finished the night +21.

Bryn Forbes scored 20 points on 7/10 shooting. He hit a mind-boggling 6/7 3PT. Forbes finished the night +29.

Bertans also hit some big shots last night. For those keeping count, he is shooting .495/.485/.917 on the season. Poeltl grabbed 4 OREB's in 13 minutes of play. LW4 made his NBA debut and canned his first NBA three-point attempt.

Last night's win was satisfying for a lot of reasons, and obviously our young guys weren't the only reason we won. But they came up big in the Spurs' biggest win of the season. They were wonderful to watch.

More importantly, rubbing people's faces in their "SpUrS R DeD" takes is especially delicious right now. I encourage everyone to try it. Carry on.

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