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2019 Free Agency

The Spurs have decisions to make with Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl

The Spurs have until Oct. 21 to offer contract extensions, or these youngsters will become RFAs next summer.

Open Thread: Kawhi Leonard wanted the Spurs to bring Paul George to San Antonio

But could it have been enough to make the homesick superstar warm up to the Alamo City?

Open Thread: Sean Elliott goes full curmudgeon on free agency

One question took the 1999 Champion to a place close to many of our hearts.

Open Thread: Marcus Morris’ decision not to come to Spurs may have cost Rich Paul a client

After passing on the Clippers and Spurs, Marcus Morris has dropped Rich Paul as well.

As far as backup plans go, Trey Lyles is not a terrible one for the Spurs

With Morris gone, the Spurs decided to go for youth and potential in free agency. It might not pay off, but it’s not a bad gamble.

The Spurs rescind offer to Marcus Morris, will sign Trey Lyles instead

Morris has reneged and is signing with the Knicks.

Open Thread: Rudy Gay re-signs with Spurs in Las Vegas

Summer League brought out Gay and Dejounte Murray court side showing support.

Spurs sign Quinndary Weatherspoon to a two-way contract

The Spurs have signed their second round pick.

The Morris signing and Bertans trade prove the Spurs’ commitment to defense

The Spurs will miss Bertans’ shooting, but Morris’ defense and more diverse offensive game could be useful if used correctly.

Spurs sign Marcus Morris, trade Davis Bertans in a three-team deal

The Spurs aren’t done with free agency yet.

What Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to the Clippers means for the Spurs

The Kawhi Leonard saga is mercifully over.

How seriously Spurs fans should take the DeMarcus Cousins rumor

Is this just another day in free agency, or are the Spurs actually interested in Boogie?

What the Spurs could do with their suddenly wing-jammed roster

The Spurs are too deep in some positions and maybe not deep enough at another, but there are options.

What we learned from the Spurs’ first day of free agency

The Spurs had a quiet first day, but it wasn’t without impact.

Open Thread: The Spurs didn’t even need two hours of free agency to get their guys

Spurs re-sign Rudy Gay and add DeMarre Carroll.

Spurs nab DeMarre Carroll and get the toughness and versatility they need

Carroll brings toughness, defense, and versatility to the Spurs roster that was sorely lacking.

Re-signing Rudy Gay was the right decision for the Spurs

Keeping the veteran forward on a short deal will allow the Spurs to remain competitive in the West while maintaining some cap flexibility.

Report: Rudy Gay will re-sign with the Spurs for 2 years, $32 million

The Spurs achieved their ultimate goal for this offseason.

Free agent targets who could be within the Spurs’ budget

The Spurs are short on roster spots and salary flexibility, but they still have options.

An imperfect taxonomy of Rudy Gay contingency plans

If Gay signs elsewhere, the Spurs have options on how to fill the void at forward.

Free agency through a Spurs lens: centers

Considering the Spurs need for a big man in a small ball world.

Open Thread: Free agency through a Spurs lens: power forwards

Can the right power forward bridge the Spurs small forward and center concerns simultaneously?

Open Thread: Free agency through a Spurs lens: small forwards

The Spurs biggest hole from last season has yet to be filled

Open Thread: Free agency through a Spurs lens: shooting guards

The week before free agency continues with the two position

Open Thread: Free agency through a Spurs lens: point guards

With one week until free agency begins, it’s time to look at who is becoming available

Spurs sign undrafted free agent Kenny Williams from UNC

The Spurs are beginning to build their summer squad.

What Mike Conley to the Jazz means for the Spurs

The Western Conference has a new contender.

Report: Rudy Gay is expected to re-sign with the Spurs

Retaining him is one of the Spurs’ top offseason priorities.

What Anthony Davis to the Lakers means for the Spurs

The Davis trade hurts the Spurs chances of becoming a contender in the short term, but if they are patient, they could benefit from the frenzy it might cause.

Why the Spurs are interested in Bojan Bogdanovic

Bogdanovic is exactly the type of player the Spurs need, but it might be impossible to get him without making some costly sacrifices.

How the Spurs could create cap space without trading DeMar DeRozan

If the Spurs wish to add Bojan Bogdanovic, or any other mid-tier player this offseason, they have options.

Report: Spurs could trade DeMar DeRozan to make room for Bojan Bogdanovic

The Spurs are reportedly interested in the Croatian sharpshooter and might be willing to part with their star wing to sign him.