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Figuring out what to do with the Kawhi Leonard gear in my Spurs closet

Clearing out the old as a new season looms on the horizon

I was home this holiday weekend catching up on laundry. When it comes to clothes, I have a hard time letting go. Luckily for me (or unluckily depending on your point-of-view) I have had to start weeding out shirts based on size. My once medium build has evolved into a larger shape, thus limiting the clothing choices of yesteryear.

But when it comes to Spurs themed clothes, I tend to be a hoarder. On many occasions my wife has had to point out that the shirt I am wearing is not fit to leave the house. From obvious distractions like holes and tears to massive fading, letting go of my beloved Spurs wardrobe does not come easy.

But what to do with those pesky Kawhi Leonard shirts. Spurs fans aren’t the type to have a LeBron James “Decision” style campfire. And yet, here we all are with a bunch of gear celebrating a player who more or less abandoned his team. What to do with those pieces of gear that can no longer be worn with pride.

I was with some of the Spurs devotees yesterday at a party and we all got into a discussion about how to handle the first “good-riddance” departure to face the team in years. Suffice to say we did not come up with a clear answer.

One friend has a really nice framed Ryan Simpson print of Kawhi Leonard that has since been removed from his wall. Another has a jersey he does not have any interest in wearing. We all have paraphernalia that requires a proper discarding.

The t-shirts photographed are all I have left by which to remember The Klaw. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Okay, so I am RE-APPROPRIATING this one. First off, it’s comfortable. And I am San Antonio For Life. Spurs fan for life. Puro pinche. It’s all about me. It stays.

I have a ritual. When the season ends, I go out and buy a piece Spurs gear for good luck. Each time they advance in the playoffs, I buy another item. I bought this shirt when the Spurs knocked out the Houston Rockets to advance to the Western Conference Finals in 2017. If you remember, Leonard had to sit out Game 6 and everyone predicted the Rockets would win and send it back to San Antonio for a Game 7. As soon as the real James Harden showed up and the Spurs ended the Rocket’s season, I went to H.E.B. to specifically buy this shirt. It was my way of supporting a healthy Leonard when they faced the Warriors. Ah, well, good intentions . . . it’s now going into the Goodwill pile.

Unofficial and $5 from the peddlers that set up roadside during the postseason around San Antonio. This shirt is a pair of scissors away from becoming the rags that pair with Armor-All when I clean my truck dashboard.

This is the hardest shirt with which to part. It was my first PtR purchase and (at the time) my favorite player. In all honesty, it reminds me more of Patty Mills since that is who I most attribute the bench celebration. Alas, it represents The Klaw and will have to be sacrificed for the greater good. It will soon become the shirt my daughter wears to protect her clothes when she paints. Inside out of course keep from promoting that man in any form or fashion.

What are you doing with your Kawhi Leonard gear?

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