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The MANU Tournament: The Finals!

Time to vote for Manu’s best play of all time!

Welcome back to The MANU Tournament, where you the fans have voted 32 of Manu Ginobili’s best plays down to just two, so of course that means it’s time to determine his best play of all time! First, let’s take a look back at The Final Four, where all four tops seeds went head-to-head:

Assists/Passes vs. Blocks

Bullet pass to Bonner: 11%

James Harden block: 89%


Shots vs. Dunks

OT three vs. Thunder: 20%

Dunk on Chris Bosh: 80%


In an unsurprising result, two of Manu’s best, biggest, and most memorable moments from the playoffs have made it all the way to the Finals. One was a potential series-saving play of defensive perfection against one of the best shooters in the league while down two starters. Another was the most eye-popping play during a massive comeback in a game that capped off arguably the most satisfying of Spurs championships.

There have been upsets and some tough match-ups here and there, but this promises to be the toughest of all. It’s now up to you guys to determine Manu’s completely undisputed best play OF ALL TIME, and remember everyone can only vote once, so make yours count!

The Finals

James Harden block (Game 5, 2017 WCF)

Dunk on Chris Bosh (Game 5, 2014 Finals)


What is Manu Ginobili’s best play of all time?

This poll is closed

  • 38%
    James Harden Block
    (215 votes)
  • 61%
    Dunk on Chris Bosh
    (345 votes)
560 votes total Vote Now

That’s the end of The MANU Tournament! Remember all polls close on WEDNESDAY (not Sunday), Sept. 26 at 8:00 PM, and on Thursday, Sept. 20 we will crown the champion!