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A Manu Ginobili mural commemorates his retirement

Let’s begin a tour of the Spurs murals in San Antonio

Yesterday, Marilyn Dubinski published a post on the LaMarcus Aldridge mural at Rudy’s Seafood. On my drive to work, I noticed that the Gil’s Tire at 6239 San Pedro Ave had a new mural thanking Manu Ginobili. After speaking with Gil’s office, I found out the mural by artist Michael Compton had gone up on August 30th — Manu Ginobili Day. A close up of the artist’s signature offered these links:

This got me to thinking. There are many murals around San Antonio. Some are changing with the incoming players. Some are being changed as at least one player exits.

My daughter and I are going to go on a mural expedition starting this weekend and report on them for PtR. For those outside town who cannot readily drive across town, hopefully you will get a better picture of the artistry and dedication here in the Alamo City.

Do you have a favorite mural? If so, please send the location my way to be added to the escapade. It would be greatly appreciated.

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