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The MANU Tournament, Sweet 16: Shots

Has any Spur been more clutch than Manu, especially in the playoffs?

Round 1 of The MANU Tournament is complete, so this week we are moving on to the Sweet 16! Today we have Manu Ginobili’s top four shots voted by you: the fans. Round 1 of shots went about as expected, with only one upset that is not surprising — the type where pollsters for the NCAA Tournament tell you from the moment the bracket is out to watch for the upset, if for no other reason than the match-up. Here is a quick recap of how the polls turned out:

(1) OT three vs. Thunder: 71%

(8) Broken elbow half-court heave vs. Grizzles: 29%


(4) Step-back three vs. Heat: 54%

(5) Accidental three vs. Knicks: 46%


(2) Game-winning three vs. Warriors: 80%

(7) Game-winning three vs. Celtics: (20%)


(3) 2OT lay-up vs. Suns: 43%

(6) Kevin Durant fake-out: 57%


The winners are three huge shots in the playoffs and a classic Manu Move that, again, came in the playoffs. We all know his entire basketball career warrants an entrance into the Hall of Fame, but if anyone doubts his NBA numbers, just remind them of how important he was for the Spurs when it mattered the most.

Be sure to vote for a winner of each match-up, and remember everyone can only vote once, so make yours count! If you haven’t already, go back and vote for the Sweet 16 of Assists/Passes and Blocks.

1 vs. 4

1. OT three vs. Thunder (Game 6, 2014 WCF)

4. Step-back three vs. Heat (Game 5, 2014 Finals)


Who wins 1 vs. 4?

This poll is closed

  • 72%
    1. OT three vs. Thunder
    (393 votes)
  • 27%
    4. Step-back three vs. Heat
    (152 votes)
545 votes total Vote Now

2 vs. 6

2. Game-winning three vs. Warriors (Game 1, 2013)

6. Kevin Durant fake-out (Game 1, 2012 WCF)


Who wins 2 vs. 6?

This poll is closed

  • 67%
    2. Game-winning three vs. Warriors
    (365 votes)
  • 32%
    6. Kevin Durant fake-out
    (177 votes)
542 votes total Vote Now

Check back tomorrow for the Sweet 16 of Blocks! Remember all polls for the Sweet 16 will close on Sunday at 6:00 PM CT.