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Report: Kawhi Leonard is expected to sign an extension with the Spurs

If a reporter who had dinner with someone close to Kawhi is to be believed...

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

If talks of how Gregg Popovich will force his way into the LeBron James sweepstakes wasn’t enough to remind you that it is officially the offseason (or just the mere fact that Warriors-Cavs 4.0 has come to merciful end), then maybe this little nugget from Basketball Insiders writer Steve Kyler will get your attention:

We recently got confirmation of something we already knew — that Pop and Kawhi Leonard will meet before the NBA Draft — so this could be significant news if we’re going from heavy doses of debatable “reports” and trade rumors to “Kawhi isn’t trying to leave.”

Of course, the other side of that coin is this is just another one of dozens of those aforementioned ”reports” that we will continue seeing again and again as the draft and free agency approach.

As The Summer of Kawhi rages on, the good folks here at Pounding the Rock will do our best in determining how to handle all of these “reports” and which ones require attention, but this one seemed significant enough considering there was an actual discussion with someone presumably in Leonard’s “group.” Like always, we’ll keep you updated as reports pour out.