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Watch: Manu Ginobili auditions for a role in “The Equalizer 2”

Would Manu make a good “high level government assassin”?

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs-Game Four Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

The NBA Finals began tonight, which means new commercials. They may not be on par with the Super Bowl, but there’s always some good ones in there.

Case in point: with “The Equalizer 2” starring Denzel Washington set to hit theaters on July 20, the producers had to find someone to play the role of a “high level government assassin”. It didn't go according to plan with all these inexperienced actors/NBA players showing up, including Manu Ginobili.

It’s probably safe to assume that neither Manu, Joel Embiid, Victor Oladipo, Lonzo Ball or Isaiah Thomas got the job, but at least Manu got the most airtime. He even got to be the face of the commercial and got a callout for the Spurs.