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Who Spurs fans should cheer for in The Finals, 2.0

Yes, we’re doing this again.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Last year at this time, I wrote a piece entitled “Who Spurs fans should cheer for in The Finals”. At halftime of Game 7 of the RocketsWarriors series, my personal answer was close to being “neither”. Other than Trevor Ariza, I really don’t like any of the Rockets, and ever since his rookie year in the Finals against my Spurs, I have traditionally rooted against LeBron James’ team. However, what he has accomplished this year probably would have led me to root for him against the Rockets.

Thankfully, the Rockets decided to miss a gazillion threes in a row (stats still unofficial), so I can again root for the Death Star over the LeBrons. Of course, I recognize that the Warriors were much easier to root for when they were the gritty little Warriors, who didn’t yet have the second best player on the planet.

Last year at this time, we took a poll of Spurs fans to see how the rest of you would be rooting. Surprisingly (to me), Spurs fans overwhelmingly rooted for the LeBrons. How overwhelming? 80% Cavs, 20% Warriors.

I was surprised because I assumed that the two Heat Finals would make it difficult for any Spurs fan to ever root for a LeBron team. However, I now realize that the Beautiful Game Finals in 2014 made it possible for the Spurs to look back on those Finals with great memories, as the redemption that occurred in the 2014 Finals made the whole world look beautiful to Spurs fans.

So we will run the same poll again this year, for the last ever Warriors – Cavs Finals. Last? Yes – the Eastern Conference representative next year will likely be the Celtics. Unless LeBron goes to Philly, in which case, it might be the 76ers. The Cavs won’t make the Finals again, even if LeBron stays.

Speaking of Philly, I will be there this weekend for my college reunion, so I will be unable to report on Game One of the Finals. Vegas has the Warriors by 12 – which seems low to me.


Who will you be cheering for in The Finals?

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  • 81%
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    (765 votes)
  • 18%
    Golden State Warriors
    (178 votes)
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