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The worst Spurs/Leonard rumor to date

This is the current low point, folks.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard rumors are now to the point where the Spurs are reportedly "looking to trade Leonard," according to Sam Amico, quoting from a Peter Vecsey article that’s behind a paywall.

Vecsey names no source, but his not-for-attribution quotes are more damning than anything that’s yet surfaced. The anonymous person is, "convinced Kawhi will be traded, but it’ll be to an Eastern team."

Can you imagine the Twitterverse should The Klaw finally speak for himself? The internet might overload and shut down for repairs. Until then, we remain trapped in a world where the lack of information from team and player is filled with speculation and hearsay.

With responses:

So this will either be the easiest rumor to look back on with a laugh once SA & KL make up and this is all a happy memory, or ... you know what, I’d rather not go there just yet, if you don’t mind.

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