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Get your Manu Forever shirt this weekend and save 20%

Breaking T is having a Memorial Day sale.

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Did you wait too long and miss your chance to get your Pop For President shirt? Were you hemming and hawing about the San Antonio For Life Kawhi tee only to discover it was sold out when you finally made up your mind to buy it? Are you still on the fence about Manu Forever?

Well, if so, this may help you make the call- is having a Memorial Day sale. This weekend, you can get your “Manu Forever” tee for 20% off if you use the code MEMORIAL20 when you check out, a great deal for a great shirt.

If that isn’t enough, there is free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

The amazing BreakingT San Antonio Collection defines the Pounder and distinguishes him or her from the casual Spurs observer. Get your holiday weekend off to a great start and order now before Manu Forever inevitably joins the “sold out” collection.

To utilize the direct link to order, click here.