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Watch: Danny Green says Kawhi “wants to be in San Antonio”

From the horse’s mouth?

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This could prove to be significant. Appearing on ESPN’s morning show “Get Up!” (you know, the one that features Jalen Rose), Danny Green spoke about the Kawhi Leonard situation and had some enlightening words.

After reminding the sports world that it’s not uncommon for athletes to seek a second medical opinion and that Leonard did try to return multiple times but couldn’t get past the pain, he had some words that Spurs fans have been dying to hear. Watch:

In case you missed it or can’t see/hear the video, here it is again:

“I think he wants to be in San Antonio. He has let me know that. He has let me know verbally that he wants to be there.”

Of course, this isn’t a 100-percent guaranteed thing. Green did mention that it is still “up in the air”, and there are still things Leonard needs to work out with the team both relationship and contract-wise. However, if anything these are reassuring words that should calm some nerves and remind Spurs fans that not only is there still a chance, but the odds are still in their favor, especially considering the Spurs hold the Ace of Spades (also known as the super-max contract extension).

The sooner we can get an answer on this the better, but in the meantime this might be the most comforting thing we’ve heard since “Yeah, for sure.