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Watch Tim Duncan and Tony Parker troll Joey Crawfod, circa Big 3 era

Maybe this is why Joey didn’t appreciate Tim’s laughing?

From the look of it, this is from the Spurs’ second round of the 2012 Playoffs (because that’s clearly the Clippers’ court and Tim Duncan was sporting more hair in 2015). The team captains have been called to center court to exchange cordials. After the politeness is over, none other than Joey Crawford wants Tim or Tony Parker to decide “who’s going to speak”. Their response:

Perfectly in sync, like two peas in a pod. Clearly this was planned, maybe even a nightly ritual. After three rounds of pointing at each other Crawford finally picks Tim, much to Tony’s dismay. Maybe that’s why Crawford ejected him all those years ago: because he wouldn’t talk to him but had no problem laughing?

At least he didn’t get a technical for the eye roll.