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Finally, some new information about the Kawhi Leonard situation

As well as some more questions to go with it.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Just this morning comes a story from ESPN that’s absolutely worth the time of any Spurs fan who’s even remotely interested in learning more about what’s going on, what has been going on, and where we currently stand on the whole Kawhi Leonard drama. It’s by Ramona Shelburne and Michael C. Wright, with contributions from Adrian Wojnarowski, and it’s nearly 5000 words of background, new information, sourced and un-sourced quotes, and a never-before-seen comment from Kawhi himself.

“I mean, why else would I not be playing?”

”People are just looking for spin,” Leonard continued. “I haven’t been here long. I’ve been here six years. The Spurs have been here way longer than that. People are gonna go with that take first.”

There’s so much here that we’re sure to be picking over it for quite some time, but everyone needs to read it first. So dive in — it’s a long read but a great one — and we’ll meet you on the other side with some analysis and the PtR response as soon as we finish digesting this massive meal.