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Go Spurs Go ... to Bed

Pop’s Culture puts the 2017-2018 season to off to dreamland.

Pop’s Culture: Ep. 4 / ILK Workshop

Back in October, I wrote an unpublished poem that described the reason for the four-game winning and subsequent four-game losing streaks that started this season. “The Spurs Freaky Friday” drew parallels between our loss to the Orlando Magic, which began the losing streak, and the prank that Pop played on Shaquille O’Neal in 2008, which—obviously—caused him to curse us to mediocrity in 2017. This poem became the catalyst for finally making a puppet show about the Spurs, an idea that had long been simmering beneath the humor pieces that I’ve been writing for PtR for almost two years.

Though we had finished making Pop Puppet last June, and I had this glorious poem rivaling the finesse of Frost, the persistence of Poe, and the sophistication of Seuss... the timing for releasing it never felt right. “The Night Before Sickness” the poem revised as a holiday carol, felt stale, and “A St. Patty [Mills] Limerick,” the St. Patrick’s Day redraft, felt irrelevant. The idea of this poem lingered, as we took Pop on other adventures.

Pop’s Culture is a passion project that a tireless team of wonderfully creative people and I make on nights and weekends, outside of our full time jobs. After episode 3 (the puppet spy caper that found us filming on the rooftop of a historic marionette theatre in downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the night) our team was a little worse for the wear. But, we were not the only ones fighting fan fatigue in March.

Following a team through an entire season is a gratifying, grueling, emotional, frivolous, and exciting task that might not be sustainable beyond the prescribed calendar term. The final version of the poem acknowledges the devotion of the fan when our work is finished…until next season.

Thank you all for supporting Pop’s Culture. We have had so much fun making this show, and hope that you enjoy this episode.