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Watch all 15 of the Spurs’ threes in Game 4

Enjoy one of the Spurs best shooting nights of the season.

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs-Game Four Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

That was fun. There’s something so satisfying not only about about seeing the Spurs beat the Warriors in a playoff game and stave off the sweep, but also doing so with a certain amount of grit and determination while dealing with heavy hearts and turmoil behind the scenes.

One of the biggest factors that turned Game 4 in their favor was three-point shooting. After hitting just 20 of 83 three-point attempts in Games 1 through 3, the Spurs finally found their stroke and shot 15 of 28 last night to remain ahead from midway through the first quarter on. That LaMarcus Aldridge banker was especially satisfying because it was what you might call “Dubbing the Dubs”. They defended perfectly for 23 sec, forced him into a perfectly-contested, nearly impossible shot. . . and he made it anyway.

Thanks to Bleacher Report, we have a video of all 15 of their made threes. The video can be viewed below or on BR’s Spurs page.

It will take a duplicate of yesterday’s performance on both ends and some other fixes (like rebounding) to get another result on the road and extend this series even further, but it was good to see the Spurs shoot their way out of one of their their worst slumps in who knows how long. Here’s to hoping they can keep it up.