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Manu Ginobili Forever

The man is 40 years young, and still going strong.

Manu Forever: BreakingT

When you’re into your fifth decade on the planet and you’re still pulling off plays like this...

. . . it’s only natural for your fans to start wondering if you can keep it up indefinitely.

When your name, Manu Ginobili, is climbing the all-time charts after practically every game

. . . it’s expected that Spurs fans will want to put it on a shirt.

Manu Forever T-shirt

We’ve celebrated The Argentine’s postseason success before, but I must say that Sunday’s Game 4 was especially sweet, and I couldn’t pass up the occasion. All of BreakingT’s shirts are super soft, and last nearly forever. If you’re between sizes, go with the larger of the two. In case you don’t know, a portion of the profits come to me, which is the kind of thing that Mrs. Wilco uses to rationalize me spending so much time working on PtR.

One more word

BreakingT now has a licensing agreement with the newly formed National Basketball Players Inc. which means that they can now use players names on the shirts, but also that the players also benefit from your purchase. That’s pretty much a textbook definition of a win-win.