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The NBA mourns Erin Popovich

Here are just a few reactions from around the NBA on the passing of Erin Popovich.

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San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets - Game Six Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Some things are bigger than sports, like family. In that same vein, the sports world is one big family, and all of the NBA have come together to mourn the passing Erin Popovich and show their support for Gregg Popovich and his family. Here are just a few of them:

The Spurs

National TV

Players and coaches

And for the record, contrary to popular belief James was not ambushed with that question immediately after the Cavs’ win last night. Allie LaForce asked him about it prior to the cameras coming on, and he agreed to answer then and there because he felt it was the right thing to do. Good on you, LeBron.

NBA Teams

Twitter Reaction

Obviously there are plenty more reactions out there, and it is impossible to capture them all. Feel free to share more reactions and well wishes, including your own, in the comments below.