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‘Uno Mas Manu’ billboard goes up in San Antonio

Who doesn’t want another year of Manu Ginobili?

A new Spurs billboard has gone up in San Antonio, except this time it’s not a mystery as to who put it there or what it means.

Along IH-35 at New Braunfels Avenue (just up the street from the AT&T Center, for those unfamiliar with San Antonio) local injury attorney George Salinas put up the sign to remind fans of Manu Ginobili’s contributions to the community and encouraging him to play for another season.

“I just thought that what was lost in all of that was the twilight of one of our most beloved Spurs, no one was really talking about that,” he said. “No one ever wants to see him leave. We’ve seen he still has some fuel in the tank.”

As if there wasn’t enough pressure on these next two home games just to keep the Spurs’ season alive, there’s naturally the underlying fear that this could be the last time we see Manu in a Spurs uniform.

“I thought it was nice way to let him know he’s still wanted, that we want him to stay,” Salinas said. ”It’s not a message that we’re giving up on the season, just to do it again, regardless of what happens this time.”

It will already be a playoff atmosphere anyway, but I expect an already raucous Spurs crowd to blow the roof off each time Manu enters the game and makes a play, and maybe even some “one more year!” chants mixed in for good measure.