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An open letter to whoever was responsible for that LaMarcus Aldridge billboard

San Antonio needs you again.

NBA: Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Last October, you paid for a billboard that featured San Antonio Spurs power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, which to us appeared to emerge out of thin air. One day, there was an advertisement for cosmetic surgery, the next there was this:

You chose an image that did not include the Spurs logo or the word Spurs, or even show Aldridge’s face. The Spurs did not take credit for the visual. In fact, no one took credit for the ad space. But it spoke to everyone in San Antonio who had endured a summer of people roasting LMA, calling him out for his results in the playoffs, and demanding a trade.

You placed the billboard before his conversation with Pop became public, before his request to be traded was common knowledge, and before he signed a three-year extension. And this was before half a year — an entire season of basketball — came to overshadow the entire LaMarcus Aldridge conversation and lead to concerns about another of the Spurs’ All-Star perhaps not being happy in San Antonio.

We still don’t know who you are — just that there had to be someone who organized and rented the now famous billboard that adorns a major artery of the Alamo City. And even though we don’t know you, it is time to ask you for a favor.

To you, the individual, collective, or entity who helped bring the city back together behind LaMarcus, consider repeating your presentation of goodwill. A city whose sole major sport identity has been in question all season once again needs to reunite behind its team, their administration, and the player who emerged as a leader to bring another championship to San Antonio. A man who took the torch from one of the sports’ most revered players and maintained greatness when pundits predicted a transition period. A player whose dedication to the game is so impressive that he was considered far and away the front runner for the league’s most coveted individual prize before the season even began.

Kawhi Leonard needs to know San Antonio is behind him. A billboard worked once this season to unite Spurs fans. How about we try it once more?

And, just to show you that we’ve thought this through through, there is a perfect board on South 281 currently occupied by a local election candidate who is no longer in the running. I’m willing to bet that is some property that could be let go for pennies on the dollar.

A perfect path for those heading downtown, into the heart of San Antonio, or passing through on their way to the AT&T Center to cheer on the Spurs as they face their greatest challenge — a unsure future.