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Spurs first round match-up will be determined tonight

Patience, Pounders, the final games of the season will reveal all.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Pounder billyarnie posted this tweet from Cayleigh Griffin in the comments section:

It covers the final landing places for the 8 seeded playoff teams pending every outcome of the five remaining games that can alter the Western Conference standings. Notice that two of the remaining games belong to Utah, so half of the outcomes went away last night when Utah flummoxed Golden State’s G-League affiliate. We are now looking only at the bottom half of the grid.

Nuggets at Minnesota- huge since only one of them can make it into the playoffs. If the Timberwolves win, the Spurs cannot land in the 8th seed.

Grizzlies at Oklahoma City- should be a blowout since OKC needs this game to avoid the 8th seed.

Jazz at Portland- the winner of this one claims the coveted 3rd seed.

Mathematically speaking, the Spurs have a 2/16 chance of the 4th spot, a 4/16 chance of the 5th spot, a 4/16 chance of the 6th spot, a 4/16 chance of the 7th spot against the Golden State Warriors, and a 2/16 chance of the 8th spot facing the I-10 rival Rockets. If the Spurs bring home a W tonight, they will end up somewhere between 4th and 6th.

A Spurs win yields a 75% chance of meeting Portland, and a 25% of playing Utah.

A Spurs loss yields a 50% chance of meeting the Warriors, 25% of meeting the Rockets, 12.5% of Portland, 12.5% chance of Utah.

So what’s your prediction? Which of the 16 possible outcomes do you think will be the fate of the Western Conference by the end of what could be a long night of NBA basketball?

Last but not least, congratulations to Coach Ahern and the Austin Spurs who won the G-League Championship last night in a sweep against the Raptors 905.

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