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Tony Parker contrasts his quad recovery with Kawhi Leonard’s

35-year-old Parker talks about how he healed much quicker than 26-year-old Leonard.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Parker did some comparing — or rather contrasting — of his quad injury and recovery to that of Kawhi Leonard, and let’s just stay their approaches seem to differ. While Parker’s ruptured quad was considered career-threatening and required surgery and eight months of rehab to get him back on the floor, he never lost faith in the Spurs medical team, specifically Dr. David Schmidt, to properly take care of him.

Leonard has been suffering from tendinopathy in his right quad and has only appeared in nine games this season. After attempting to return in December, he shut himself back down in January and sought second medical opinions. Spurs doctors have cleared him to play, but he is reportedly waiting to be cleared by his own medical team before returning to the court.

Parker reportedly led the players-only meeting that took place last week, although the Spurs are denying that it was “emotional, tense, and frustrating” as ESPN described it. Per Danny Green:

“It was incorrect, wrong, false. I guess that’s the only way to put it,” Green said after shoot-around. “There was a meeting. That’s probably the only thing that was true in the article.

“Nobody in there was frustrated or took it the wrong way,” Green said. “We were communicating like adults. We don’t have personalities in our locker room to be coming after each other. We don’t have an emotional team. We don’t play like we are emotional. And in the locker room we don’t get emotional either. We talk like adults.”

For Parker’s part, he understandably refused to divulge what went on in the meeting.

“You should know better. You should know better that I can’t talk about that. That’s private stuff, locker room stuff. We always talk as a team, but you know we can’t talk about that.”