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Spurs Mural Stop #9- My Friend’s Backyard

This neighborhood joint has a small tribute to the Silver & Black

Jeph Duarte

At the corner of Hildebrand and San Pedro . . . more accurately where the train tracks cross W. Hildebrand . . . okay, so exactly at 442 W. Hildebrand is My Friend’s Backyard, a friendly sports bar. And on the front wall of My Friend’s Backyard is the second Spurs tribute on the Mural Tour credited to artist Mike Comp.

As you may recall, Mike Comp was responsible for the Manu Ginobili tribute at Gil’s Tires that kicked off this excursion.

Comp was able to do the most with just a little space. He got the Spurs logo and Coyote into what amounts to about a 10’ x 3’ space.

After snapping a couple of photo’s, we went across the street to Big Bob’s Burgers for an ice cream cone. Bob gave my band our start by booking us at his burger joint, so I want to give him a shout. We lost Bob last October and this sunny afternoon was the last time we got to visit with him.

You can find Mike Comp’s info from the previous mural:

His Instagram is packed with amazing artwork including more Spurs-oriented pieces. I’m particularly fond of the Pop portrait and the Grandpa Juice painting.

Elizabeth and I hope you’re enjoying the Mural Tour. If you know of a mural, please let us know. There are a couple remaining on our list, but we are looking to take this trip as far as it will go.

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