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Spurs Mural Tour stop #8- Quonset hut on the 700 block of Onslow

This fiesta-colored mural is literally across the tracks from the AT&T Center.

To see a majority of the best Spurs murals in San Antonio, one could start at the AT&T Center and throw a rock. This is most true with the Quonset hut at the corner Onslow and Houston. Wedged between Onslow and a set of railroad tracks, this mural faces Parking Lot 1 of the AT&T Center located on the other side of those same tracks. If you attend many games, you know there is always makeshift lots advertising parking just outside the AT&T Center. If you park at any of these establishment on Houston, then you most assuredly walk past this piece entitled “Always On Shine”.

Jeph Duarte

The south end features the iconic Spurs mascot. The Coyote in his 2! jersey handling a basketball with a wave of fiesta colors running throughout the entire painting.

Jeph Duarte

At the north end, the Spurs logo also in pink, blue, and orange:

Jeph Duarte

This mural, the longest of series thus far, has been signed by Baken Shig. I looked up Baken, but did not find info on the artist. I did find photos taken a while back. The colors have definitely faded over time and perhaps Baken Shig could spray a fresh coat to make it pop.

Jeph Duarte

Either way, this is a most impressive use of a rusty building that would otherwise garner little to no attention as passersby make their way to the stadium for a night of Spurs action.

Elizabeth and I hope you’re enjoying the Mural Tour. If you know of a mural, please let us know. There are a couple remaining on our list, but we are looking to take this trip as far as it will go.

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