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Who’s the Better Towel Waver: Patty Mills or Chimezie Metu?

In San Antonio you don’t wave the towel, the towel waves you.

Kin Man Hui / San Antonio Express-News

There’s an art to being a deep bench player trying to stay engaged in the game (and long season) just as there’s an art to towel waving your butt off when the team goes on a run or needs to rally from behind. No one perfected this art better than Patty Mills. He even has a helpful instructional video:

Now I think there are several criteria to maximize your towel waving efficiency:

  1. The towel must be as big or bigger than the waver;
  2. You can’t hurt anyone while you’re towel waving, but if you must, do it to your BFF (e.g., Boris Diaw); and
  3. Your insane enthusiasm must be infectious to everyone around you including the fans and the pantless Coyote.

Not that Patty Mills is giving up his crown any time soon, but it would make sense for him to pass the torch or mentor a young padawan on the finer points of this underappreciated skill. Enter rookie Chimezie Metu, who was recently sent down Thursday to the G League for the Austin Spurs only to be recalled a day later back to San Antonio. Metu fits most of the criteria set above because (1) although at 6’10”, he’s still a very slight fellow, so conceivably the Spurs can find a towel as big as him, (2) he hasn’t hurt anyone yet, but this is as good a time as any to bring back Diaw to be on the accident end of a furious towel rally, and (3) a small sample size of early, but limited, games have shown Chimezie Metu to have the crazy intensity required of a deep bench Spurs player.

What say you, Pounders? Between Patty Thrills or Chimezie “Metawave” Metu, who’s the better cloth slinger?

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