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Spurs Mural Tour stop #3- Best Tickets

The tour continues at a spot just down the road from the AT&T Center

While driving down to the AT&T Center to pick up tickets, my daughter and I stumbled across the mural painted on an otherwise all blue building. I almost missed it as we doubled back, but there it is.

Elizabeth Duarte

As we’ve traveled the city on our mural excursion, I have attempted to make contract with the artists in hope of hearing their story. In this case, the artist did not sign his or her work.

Best Tickets on AT&T Center Pkwy
Elizabeth Duarte

The man behind the counter kindly took my info and said he would have someone send me the name of the artist. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able make another connection here in town with a local Spurs fan/mural painter.

Photo by Elizabeth Duarte

Love the San Antonio skyline, love the fiesta colors, love The Coyote. Love spending time with my daughter seeing the city and talking about the Spurs.

I hope you’re enjoying the Mural Tour. If you know of a mural, please pass it on. There are currently ten on our list, but we are willing to take this trip as far as it will go.

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