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Spurs lose in Atlanta in an un-televised game

A personal rant against the powers that limit preseason broadcasting.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I just want to rant for a minute about the lack of televised preseason games for the San Antonio Spurs.

I had a long day yesterday. When I come home, I just want to watch my team. And as odd as it may be, I really get pumped about the preseason. It’s the only chance to see some of these players. The only other time I get to see Jaron Blossomgame or Olivier Hanlan is during Summer League or the seldom Austin Spurs televised game. What is it that the Spurs are looking for? And what did PATFO see that got these exact players here. Making the training camp adds a nuance to the Spurs that makes me feel like an insider.

This is also when you see things like Pau Gasol making an amazing pass to a cutting Derrick White. Or Marco Belinelli weaving his way around Jakob Poeltl to hit a corner 3. Sure, there will be other moments like these, but this is when they materialize.

Right now DeMar DeRozan is finding his home in San Antonio. Remember when LaMarcus came to the Spurs, had a bad game early on and spent the night shooting free throws in the AT&T Center after the game was over?

This is what makes this team so great. This is what makes being a fan of this team so great. I want to see it all.

So, for once I tried Facebook. I thought there was a live stream there. Apparently, it’s just an ad. You can watch for a few minutes and then they pull the plug and try and sell you.

Okay, so I’ll listen to WOAI. Except their on-line radio station doesn’t play the Spurs game, it plays the regularly scheduled program. At their site and I Heart Radio. I can go sit in my truck in the driveway for a few hours and turn the engine over every once in while to not burn out the battery. Yeah, that’s what I want to do after a long day at work.

So, is there anywhere to see Spurs preseason games?

Help me out, Pounders. I’ve seen some talk about League Pass, but it’s hundreds of dollars for the season (which I don’t need because most games are on TV) or $6.99 a game. Is it worth it?

Well, that’s my rant. Join in my angst or go about your day in peace.

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