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Manu Ginobili vlog #3: Reunited with old pals

The Man With No Swagger talks about spending time with Boris Diaw and Tiago Splitter.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs-Media Day Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Manu Ginobili is making good on his stated desire to reach out to fans regularly, and even though he said he wouldn’t be able to do it daily, he’s 3-for-3. Below is his third vlog, again done on his drive to the Spurs training camp Thursday. Just like his first, it’s in Spanish, so you can find a translation below.

Hi guys,

Here I am again, with a change of angle, a change of vehicle, my wife took mine and so I'm here with the other. Going to [training camp] for the third consecutive time. I normally don't play 'back to backs' but I'm making an exception, we're doing acceptably well... and the truth is we're training very well.

And so I'm quite content, in good a mood, it's that this is ... it's a very special time here right now, the kids have started school, they're starting to get together with their friends, catching up... and us the same, with our teammates. Getting ourselves in shape as well, after some long holidays, all of us have a desire to be on the court, to play, to share things, start the season, and so we're all in a great mood, and you can feel that.

On other matters, we received the illustrious visit —to the city— of Tiago Splitter and Boris! The great Boris Diaw! Very happy to have them here. Recently I put on Twitter, "Two of the best friends I've had on my team", and as always we went out for dinner, and talked about a lot of things, got to know one another again, and to see them again together in the stadium made me a bit nostalgic, but at the same time the joy to see them, to be able to chat, to go out to eat, etc.

On top of that there was Timmy, Matt Bonner, and so I believe we would have been ready to play a bit of a retro game against the new guys, for a little bit, on the court, and find ourselves together once again.

So to end it was wonderful to be able to seem them again, they've gone, they came for a short escape, and we, meanwhile, continue.

Today is day three of training. And the truth is that the first two were quite hard, within what's normal... excessive — for me almost all the training is hard — and it seems that today will be a bit lighter before returning to greater intensity tomorrow.

After we have, on Saturday, an open-door training... whoever wants to, who's nearby, can come by the court, and will see us training and playing.

And on Sunday we go to Sacramento, to play the first friendly game. And so as I said on the first day, it's all coming quickly.

I don't want to go on too long because I know that the time you can give me is quite limited and so I don't want to go over the three minutes.

And so a big hug and I'll continue tomorrow... we'll see.

h/t to @Galantry for the translation