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David Robinson on business and giving back to the community

Five-Oh recently spoke about how Admiral Capital isn’t just about profits.

2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TNT

In an interview with David Robinson by Thuzio, the Spurs legend talks about how basketball was his vehicle to his ventures in community service.

“My business career just an extension of what basketball was for me because basketball was a great avenue and it was a ton of fun, I loved playing basketball, make no mistake about it, it was great, but that’s not who I am, it’s just what I did and so I wanted to use that as opportunity to do great things in the community, and we were fortunately able to leverage that and do so wonderful things...when my career came to an end I didn’t want my capacity to impact communities to come to an end.”

He shares about how his military career and contracting led to a natural transition into real estate.

“Admiral Capital...tithe(s) out of out returns...10% in the communities where we are investing”

From Robinson’s successes on the court to his transition into education and philanthropy at the community level, The Admiral has gone so far above and beyond what anyone knew thirty years ago when he was invited to join the small market franchise.

You can see the video excerps from his talk below: