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Kawhi Leonard arrives in Beijing

Kawhi touched down in the Chinese capitol city and got acclimated before his first appearance.

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard’s trip to China is underway. His first visit to China is goodwill tour and will include a basketball clinic.

When Leonard arrived at the Jordan store in the Beijing World Trade Plaza Wednesday morning, it was covered with pictures with him. Leonard had a few photos taken while he looked at the 9-foot-high version of himself, posed with some buddies, and even defended himself.

Here are some more photos of the site taken by a Chinese Spurs fan in Beijing who I recently made contact with.

everything is ready!

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We’ve been doing all kinds of research to any official information about the trip — the Spurs’ site, the NBA’s site, Jordan Brand’s site — without success. So we’re in a very familiar position for Spurs fans: taking a look at everything we see and speculating about what’s going on.

I have a few contacts in China that will be helping to translate any Chinese media stories about what he’s up to, and I appreciate Adam.Miller’s help in getting this post together.

We will continue to get information on Leonard’s day-to-day activities, but until then take to the comment section below to give your best what you think’s going on.

We’ll post more on Leonard in China as it’s available.