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Kawhi Leonard to host basketball clinic as part of 7-day visit to China

The Spurs superstar is going to Asia for a week

NBA: All-Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

San Antonio Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard will make his first visit to China with a seven-day trip to the country that starts on August 18th. Kawhi will coach some talented young players and host a basketball clinic for migrant students.

Here are more details on Leonard’s trip from ESPN’s Michael C. Wright:

“NBA China announced Wednesday that two-time NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard will visit China from Aug. 18-24 to support the growth of basketball in the country, and coach top youth talent from the region at The NBA Academy Zhejiang. Leonard will host a basketball clinic in Beijing for select migrant school students as part of the league's celebration of its partnership with CCTV.”

Have fun in China, Kawhi!

[Editor’s note: If any of our readers in China are able to attend one of Leonard’s appearances, or translate any Chinese media accounts of his visit, please let me know. -J.R. Wilco]