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The Spurs aren’t done with free agency yet

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Other than re-signing Patty Mills, which has been deemed an important move by the Spurs on multiple fronts due to uncertainty and an otherwise lack of continuity at the PG position heading into next season, things have been pretty quiet in San Antonio during an frenetic free agency period for much of the rest of the NBA. Still that doesn’t mean the Spurs are done:

  • Restricted free agent Jonathon Simmons is still on the market, and while Simmons is reportedly talking with other teams, including the New York Knicks, an offer has yet to be presented to him for the Spurs to either match or decline.
  • The Spurs will presumably re-sign Pau Gasol, who opted out of his player option with a goal of giving the Spurs more cap flexibility while also securing a multi-year deal.
  • Other Spurs free agents who are still available are big men Dewayne Dedmon and David Lee, who are some of the better FA’s remaining on the market but haven’t received any offers yet.
  • Finally, the question about Manu Ginobili’s decision on whether to return or retire still lingers. An unlikely source has claimed that not only does Ginobili plan on returning to the Spurs, but he hopes to play for two more years. That source is Argentinian soccer icon Diego Maradona. (For non-soccer fanatics, he is the name behind the infamous “Hand of God”.) Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt since people much closer to Manu have said he still hasn’t decided.

Checking in on the rookies

With the Utah Summer League in action, Spurs draft picks Derrick White and Jaron Blossomgame are working to earn some regular season minutes (or at least a roster spot for the latter).

  • While the first game itself wasn’t the best start for the squad, White was one of the better players in Silver and Black, showing off his versatility, smooth shot, and play-making abilities.
  • Blossomgame struggled with his shot, but he showed plenty of what he deems to be one of the biggest assets that he can bring to the Spurs: energy.

A chat with JJ Reddick

News 4 San Antonio’s Jeff Garcia caught up with former Clipper J.J. Reddick, now with the Philadelphia 76ers, at Steve Nash’s annual Soccer Showdown for a quick chat that included the Spurs’ postseason run, injuries, and more. I don’t know about you, but with all the talent joining the Western Conference this summer (not that it was low on it to begin with), I’m just glad at least one Spurs killer has moved east.

How about some real Grandpa Juice

Never let age define you. That is what the Spurs’ 1980 fourth-round draft pick, Calvin Roberts, believes. The 61-year-old grandfather who played his entire professional career overseas still aspires to fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA, and what better team to play for than the one that drafted you and a coach you can personally relate to? He looks pretty fit to me, and if Manu does retire, who’s better to provide the Grandpa Juice?

Tell us how you really feel

This has been an odd summer so far for Spurs fans. Glory has rarely felt so close, yet so far away. Back-to-back 60 win seasons, the second without Tim Duncan for the first time in 20 years, making the Western Conference Finals, and being up 25 against Golden State in the second half of Game 1? Glory! Lose two key starters, including your MVP, to injury in the postseason and get swept by the Warriors? Not so glorious.

One thing is for certain: there is a wide variety of opinions of how successful last season really was and where the Spurs stand going forward as they appear to be standing pat while other teams in the west continue to shuffle in hopes matching talent with the Warriors. Some fans are okay with this (the so called “homers” who believe PATFO actually knows what it’s doing), while others aren’t so sure. Thanks to SAEN’s Jeff McDonald and Twitter, here are some of those grievances from the latter group:

We are in an era where the fear of one team dominating in ways not seen since Jordan’s Bulls is alive and well, and there are no signs that any of the Warriors’ stars are going to randomly retire or a take a year or two off to give the rest of the league a fighting chance. Still, #spurspoblems remains a thing, where issues that plague the minds of Spurs fans pale in comparison to the vast majority of other teams in the league.

Personally, I will still feel confident in the Spurs abilities next season even if they roll back mostly the same team (which is looking more and more likely), and some better luck with health in the postseason and a “contract year” performance from LaMarcus Aldridge being enough to still seriously contend. Next summer, when cap space opens up for the Spurs, is when things will really matter, and until then a repeat of last season wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world considering the circumstances.

Have a good one!