SpursCupcake - Crispy Taco Chip Creator!

Hi Fellow Pounders!

I'm a longtime member of PtR. I used to be super active in the game threads, replies to posts, and what not. Long story short, had a baby, and now I'm a champion lurker.

I have some amazing news I want to share with y'all though! I am a FINALIST in the Lay's Do Us a Flavor contest this year! I created the Crispy Taco flavor, which is actually out in stores all over the US for everyone to try.

If enough people vote for my flavor, I'll win $1 million! It's so insane.

Just wanted to share some incredible news with my Spurs Family. Here's the link to the story ran today on local news.

Here's the link to vote!

Go Spurs Go!


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