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The legacy of Manu still grows

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Manu Ginobili is a fighter. He never quits, and as a result his team never quits. Even at age 39, the feisty Argentinean still has plenty of Grandpa Juice left to give. He came up huge when the Spurs needed him the most in the playoffs and gave fans something to cheer about (and even a little bit of hope) in an otherwise near-impossible endeavor to take down the Warriors while missing three key rotation players, including MVP Kawhi Leonard.

In an excellent little mini-series, SAEN’s Jabari Young reflects back on what may (or may not) have been Manu’s final season and some of the ever-humble veteran’s funniest moments.

Rest rules are coming to the table

It took nearly five years after the original Restgate for the league to start considering actual rule changes when it comes to coaches resting players. While originally the main approach was merely fixing scheduling quirks, more teams have adopted the practice at inconvenient times, so Adam Silver has reportedly drafted a guideline for when and how star players can be rested without hurting the “integrity” of the game. Suggestions include only resting one starter per game and limiting rest to home and non-nationally televised games.

Looking ahead to the 2017 Draft

As soon as the Finals are up (which should be tonight but recent history has proven it ain’t over ‘til it’s over), focus will shift to the 2017 NBA Draft. Per usual, the Spurs will be picking at the back end of each round with the 29th and 59th overall picks, where they have usually done about the best job possible considering the talent that is typically available at the level. While there will be plenty of analysis on this year’s options soon, here are a couple of links to get you in the spirit:

  • First, here is list Top 10 Spurs draft picks since 2007. (Remember this does not include Leonard, whom the Spurs traded for on draft night but technically did not draft.)
  • Here are the biggest draft related questions for each team. As you might have predicted, the Spurs’ question centers on if this whole Chris Paul to the Spurs thing is legit.

More free agency stuff because it’s almost July

After the draft comes free agency, and it’s not like the Spurs have been attached to crazy rumors or anything (cough, CP3). Still, it’s always fun to speculate and see what possibilities are out there, so here are some more:

  • In a list of possible dark horse destinations for this year’s big-name free agents, another star makes his way to San Antonio, although the same financial problems still arise as the more frequently rumored one.
  • Find out where some current and possible future Spurs rank among 2017’s top 100 free agents.

Game of Zones

If you are unfamiliar with Bleacher Report’s Game of Zones series, you’ve truly been missing out over the last few years. The Spurs had their shining moment in the series premiere when the White Walkers successfully predicted a championship for themselves, and it became one of the most glorious Spurs memes of all time.

However, the most recent episode may be the funniest yet. While House Spurs makes a cameo for having slain House Rockets before gold proved too much for silver (or, you know, slithering foot proved too much for tender ankle), it’s the last part about the “Triad of Balls” that has me dying for more:

Have a good one!