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Recognizing Kawhi Leonard's late-game excellence

Another Spur places himself in the perennial MVP conversation

The Spurs have been in some tight games recently, and Kawhi Leonard’s clutch play has been the reason San Antonio has been able to pull them all out. Which means it’s a perfect time to release a T-shirt to commemorate the absolute monster that Kawhi has become with the game on the line.

Kawhi, for the win ...
Game Winner

So, here is Game Winner, the latest shirt PtR has teamed with BreakingT to offer to our readers. All of BreakingT's shirts are super soft, and last nearly forever. If you're between sizes go with the larger of the two. In case you don't know, a portion of the profits come to me, which is one of the reasons Mrs. Wilco lets me spend so much time working on PtR.