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Letter from the Editor: Merry Christmas, Pounding the Rock

Holiday greetings, a word on the blog, and a challenge.

Spurs v Lakers - Game 4 Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

First of all, Merry Christmas. I recognize that this is a day when many people, events and things are demanding your time, and you chose to come to this humble blog in the midst of it all. I want you to know I appreciate that. Not just today, because it’s a holiday, but every day.

I (and amazing group of men and women who help me create the content for this site) do everything possible to bring you value with every post published on PtR or our social media outlets. Sometimes it’s simple value, like a quick post on an update to the Spurs’ injury list. Sometimes it’s more complex, like an analysis of the team’s salary cap situation. Other times, we share something personal about the way our lives have been impacted by fans, the game, or even San Antonio.

In every situation, I want you to know that I consider how you will receive what we create. I know that not every post will please every reader, but I try to offer as many different options as I have interests and contributors willing to partner with me to help cover the team we all enjoy following. I like reading different perspectives, so I collect a variety of voices to offer you. I also enjoy hearing what you guys have to say about the team — and what we write about the team — so I regularly visit the comments section to read and converse with you.

For some, this is just a blog they occasionally visit to catch up on something Spurs-related, and that’s fine. But if you’re reading this, then the way you feel about PtR may be something like what I felt about it before I took it over: like it’s a place you enjoy hanging out -- a place with people who may not agree with you all the time, but who share your interest in a basketball team that’s so much more than just a NBA franchise. I’ve long thought of it as a virtual living room, or commons area, dedicated to geeking out over an organization that’s dedicated to winning basketball games while also being focused on the principle that there’s more to life than sport.

I work hard to make sure that this website isn’t about me. I don’t want to create a cult of personality or have a bunch of clones of myself walking around and cheering the exact same things. In order to accomplish this, I go out of my way to take a backseat as often as possible, but I will say one thing.

As Christmas is the season of giving, take the opportunity to give to those around you. Step out of your comfort zone and do something for someone who could use a hand. Help a coworker with something that isn’t your responsibility; offer help to someone struggling with an oversized package; pay someone’s bill at a restaurant; speak kindly to someone who’s being abrasive, etc.

Get a taste for it. Let the experience be the kind of thing you have to repeat. And go out of your way to find more opportunities. Be creative, and see where it takes you.

Merry Christmas. Go Spurs Go. Let it Fly.

-J.R. Wilco