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The last two Spurs HEB commercials are out

Kawhi’s mind is blown, and the players show off their Spanish.

As promised, H.E.B. released the remaining spots of the 2017-18 Spurs season.

Tony Parker is throwing a picnic and everyone brings some Primo Pick items. Tony brings along some Lone Star Queso, Manu Ginobili adds the protein with All-Natural Angus Steaks, and Patty Mills contributes the appetizer with Bagel Dots. LaMarcus Aldridge is worried about his style and quips “grass stains are no joke” while holding up some Primo Detergent. Kawhi Leonard is so impressed, he gets his mind blown, multiple times.

H-E-B 2017 Spurs Primo Pick-nic

In the second major H-E-B Spurs commercial in Spanish, we see Manu, Danny Green, and Pau Gasol cooking up some Primo Picks pre-marinated Mi Tienda Meats. But Patty seems confused. Whose primo (cousin) made the meats?

H-E-B 2017 Spurs | El Primo

As always, the guys look like they are having a ball off the court, as well as on.